Oulu University Postdoctoral Researchers to Strengthen its Interdisciplinary Research 2023-2025

Oulu University Postdoctoral Researchers to Strengthen it’s Interdisciplinary Research 2023-2025. The University of Oulu is strengthening its interdisciplinary expertise and combining the expertise of different disciplines by recruiting nine postdoctoral researchers this fall for its three research profile fields. Doctoral researchers are being sought to strengthen research on fibrotic diseases, 6G, arctic interactions, resilience and global change.

The three-year tasks are scheduled for the years 2023–2025. There are nine new tasks in the search for three different themes. For all positions, applications from a wide range of disciplines are welcome.

The research activities of the University of Oulu are specialised in a total of nine profile fields. The positions currently being applied for are located in the following research areas receiving funding from the Profi6 research program of the Academy of Finland:

Biodiverse Anthropocene

The Biodiverse Anthropocene’s research program seeks three motivated postdoctoral fellows with experienced and demonstrated interest in environmental change and socio-environmental relations. This interdisciplinary program focuses on human-environment relations and biodiversity dynamics, especially in Arctic regions.

See the job announcement for details:  Three Postdoctoral Researchers, Biodiverse Anthropocene’s transdisciplinary research program.

Application deadline: September 20, 2022.

Contact persons: Coordinators of the Biodiverse Anthropocene’s research program, Laura Siragusa ( laura.siragusa@oulu.fi ) and Emma Vatka ( emma.vatka@oulu.fi )


The FIBROBESITY research program has three postdoctoral positions to strengthen the University of Oulu’s obesity and fibrotic diseases research.

See the job announcement for details:  Three Postdoctoral Researchers, FIBROBESITY – Preventing Fibrosis Related to Obesity.

Application deadline: September 20, 2022.

Contact person: Fibrobesity research program coordinator Ritva Saastamoinen ( ritva.saastamoinen@oulu.fi )


The 6G-enabled sustainable society (6GESS) research program utilises the technological expertise of the University of Oulu’s 6G flagship to develop the scientific basis for the data-driven and dense telecommunication network society of the future, where digital health and future energy systems are interconnected.

6GESS will open three postdoctoral positions for applications later this fall.

Contact person: 6GESS coordinator Sanna Tuomela ( sanna.tuomela@oulu.fi )

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