Master’s Degree at Hanken University Scholarships Studies in English 2022-2023

 Master’s Degree from studies in English. A Master’s degree from Hanken provides you with the opportunity to specialise in your field of interest, be it Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Humanitarian logistics, or Intellectual Property Law.

Hanken’s Master’s Degree programme in a nutshell

  • Duration: 2 years of full-time studies
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Mode of study: on site
  • Study location: Helsinki or Vaasa
  • Degree awarded: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Here you find info on how to apply to Master’s degree studies in English at Hanken.

There are 2 application rounds available:


  • Open to to ALL specialisations
  • Open for all applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree
  • Admission results published by the end of March.
  • Application period: 30.11.2022 – 18.1.2023 at 15:00 (GMT+2)


  • Open ONLY to the specialisation in Business & Management
  • Open to applicants holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree obtained outside Finland
  • Higher admission requirements than in in the main admission round – admission results published within 3 weeks.
  • Application period: 1.11.2022 – 28.4.2023 at 15:00 (GMT+2)
Fees and Funding
Information about tuition fees and scholarships for students and required funds for immigration.
  • All non-EU/EEA students admitted to Bachelor’s or Master’s degree studies in English in Finland are required to pay tuition fees.
  • For EU citizens university education is free of charge

Tuition fees

Here you find info on tuition fees at Hanken School of Economics.

All non-EU/EEA students admitted to Bachelor’s or Master’s degree studies in English in Finland are required to pay tuition fees. For EU citizens university education is free of charge.

Tuition fee

The fee for non-EU/EEA students at Hanken is 12500 EUR/year.
The tuition fee is to be paid as following:

  • First year students: the full annual tuition fee is to be be paid by 15th June, if studies are to start in August that same year, as it is mandatory in Finland to register as present for the full first year of enrolment.
  • Second + year students: first instalment is to be paid by 15th June, if studies are to continue during the Autumn semester. The instalment for the Spring semester needs to be paid by 30 November.
  • If a student does not pay the tuition fee timely (or register as absent*), they have neglected the annual registration and will lose their right to study at Hanken. Students however have the right to apply for re-matriculation if they pay the tuition fees and an additional re-matriculation processing fee of 35 euros.

First year students are only allowed to register as absent due to legal reasons.

Residence permits exempting from tuition fees

Tuition fees will not concern those non-EU/EEA students who possess:

  • a EU Blue Card in Finland
  • a EU Family Member’s Residence Card in Finland
  • a Continuous residence permit card in Finland, Type A permit (not applicable when issued based on studies)
  • a EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence permit card in Finland (Type P-EU)
  • a Permanent residence permit card in Finland, Type P permit
  • Proof from the Finnish Immigration Services that I have registered, or applied to register, my EU right to residence in Finland (UK citizens)
  • SEU-sopimuksen 50 artikla = Right of residence under the withdrawal agreement (UK citizens)
  • P SEU-sopimuksen 50 artikla = Right of permanent residence under the withdrawal agreement (UK citizens)

Validity and requirements concerning the residence permits

In order for a permit to be accepted as a ground for exemption from tuition fees, the residence permit needs to be valid on

  • 1st August for the Autumn semester and on
  • 1st January for the spring semester. 
  • Note! It is not sufficient to have a card renewal in process, but the student need to hold the sufficient residence permit on the above listed dates.

How is the permit’s validity checked?

  • Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences make the decision whether you are required to pay fees or not based only on copy of your residence permit card (both sides of the card) attached to your application documents.
  • If you have applied for residence permit but have not received the residence permit card by the date when the tuition fee is due (see above), you will have to pay the fee.
  • If your residence permit is expiring before 1st January the first year of enrolment and you are not sure if you will receive your renewed residence permit card before the deadline for paying tuition fee (15th June), we recommend that you apply for a scholarship as part of your admission application.

More information concerning the exemptions to the requirement of tuition fee is found in the national application portal StudyInfo.


Information about scholarships for Master’s degree students.

Hanken’s Scholarship Scheme

  • Scholarships are granted to students who are otherwise required to pay tuition fees.
  • Applying for a scholarship will not affect your application to the Master’s Degree Programme.
  • The scholarships at Hanken are merit-based. All scholarships are awarded based on the applicant’s academic excellence in the previous studies and applicable test score results.
  • All scholarships requirements demand the receiving students to keep a good pace within their studies. Annual check-ups are done to ensure that the student will graduate within two academic years.
  • A student can only receive one scholarship which include a relocation or living-expensive grant of the available scholarship types.

Scholarships  – Admission Stage

  • Hanken Premium GBSN Scholarship, covers the full tuition fee and 8000 EUR/year living expenses per academic year for two academic years
    • Hanken School of Economics offers two scholarships to students currently studying at or alumni of GBSN member schools from developing countries
    • Read more about GBSN scholarships at the official GBSN site.
    • The GBSN member schools are listed here.
  • Hanken Honours Scholarship, covers the full tuition fee for two academic years.
  • Finland Scholarship(financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland), covers the full tuition fee for the 1st academic year and includes a 5000 EUR re-location grant.

Note! The application for the scholarships is a integrated part of the application form for Master’s Degree studies at Hanken so no separate application is needed. 

Admitted applicants who receive a scholarship are informed about the granted scholarship in their personal admission letter and receive additional info on the Scholarship regulations in a separate scholarship letter.

Scholarships – 2nd year of enrolment

  • Hanken Honours Second Year Scholarship, covers the full tuition fee for the second year of enrolment for students who
    • have completed 60 study points during the first academic year (before 31st of July) and
    • have not been registered as absent at Hanken. The only exception is if the student has been registered as absent due to legal grounds (for the scholarship also foreign military/civil service is accepted as a legal ground) and can provide masters(at) with an official certificate of the reason for the absence no later than 31 July before the second year of enrolment start.
  • If the student has not completed the required 60 ECTS before the expiration date of the tuition fee invoice for the second year of enrolment (15th June), the student will first have to pay the tuition fee and the payment will then be reimbursed in August the same year if the student has fulfilled the 60 ECTs requirement before the 31 July which is when the academic year ends.
  • Students do not need to apply for the Hanken Honours Second Year Scholarship separately – the scholarship is automatically granted to all enrolled students who fulfil the requirements above.

Working during your studies

The Master’s Degree Programme at Hanken is composed of full-time studies and therefore students should not plan to work full-time while studying.

Applicants must ensure that they have adequate funds to support themselves financially through their entire period of study in Finland.

  • In order to be granted a residence permit, non-EU/EEA citizens are required to show that they have at least 6720 EUR/year or 560 EUR/month at their disposal.
  • International students who cannot show proof of sufficient funds for living expenses during their studies in Finland will not obtain a residence permit.

See further information on the Finnish Immigration Service page.

Document requirements for admitted students

This page covers the requirement of delivering officially certified copies of the educational documents for conditionally admitted students and applies to both Masters and PhD students.

Is your admission offer final or conditional?

  • Check your personal admission package whether or not your admission offer is FINAL or CONDITIONAL.
  • If the admission offer is conditional, you need to fulfill the conditions by the set deadlines in order for your admission offer not to expire.
    • MSc students: If your admission offer is only conditional because you are required to pay tuition fees, please follow the instructions sent to your e-mail since the info on this page does not apply to you.

If your admission offer is FINAL 

Admitted student must

  • submit officially certified (attested) hard copies or digital official copies* of all educational documents submitted with the application to the Admission Services as soon as possible but no later than 1 month after the admission results have been published. Regular copies will not be accepted.
  • If you had not graduated at the moment of applying, the last date to deliver officially certified copies is the last workday (Monday-Friday) before or on 31 July that same year at 15:00 (GMT +2).
  • The exact deadline will be notified to admitted students.

Check if country-specific document requirements concering how to deliver the documents applies to you. There is a country-specific document requirement also for studies completed in Finland.

*More info under the section Electronic Transcript Verifcation Services.




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