Scholarships: University of Helsinki Scholarships for International Students 2022-2024

Scholarships are intended for excellent students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who want to complete a Master’s programme at the University of Helsinki. The fees for the University of Helsinki Master’s Programmes in English are 13,000, 15,000 and 18,000 EUR per academic year, depending on the programme. The Bachelor’s Programme in Science fee is 13,000 EUR per academic year. In joint programmes, the fees may differ from these. You can find the programme-specific fee from the Degree Finder.

Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries, who do not have permanent residence status in Finland, are liable to these fees. Please check the FAQ of the Studyinfo website whether or not you are required to pay tuition fees.

Please note that there are no tuition fees for:

  • exchange students
  • PhD students
  • citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and individuals with a permanent Finnish residence permit or long-term resident’s EU residence permit in Finland are not required to pay tuition fees.
  • NB: A type A permit for studying in Finland (from 15 April 2022 onwards) doesn’t exempt students from paying the tuition fee.Continuous residence permit card in Finland (Type A permit) issued for purposes other than studies. NB: A type A permit for studying in Finland (from 15 April 2022 onwards) doesn’t exempt students from paying the tuition fee.

The individual student’s fee will remain the same throughout the completion of the programme. The fees are not charged to students who began their studies before 1 August 2017.

How to pay your tuition fee

The University of Helsinki’s tuition fee is paid each academic year. The payment details for the first year will be sent at the same time as the acceptance letter.

The first academic year’s tuition payment deadline is 31 August 2022. If you are applying for a residence permit but have not yet paid the tuition fee, please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the tuition fee and living expenses in Finland according to the Finnish Migration Services instructions:

Please remember to start obtaining a residence permit as soon as possible.

The tuition fee is paid by using an invoice. The applicant or a third party can complete the payment using the reference number.

Once the tuition fee for the first academic year of study is paid, the University of Helsinki will send you a confirmation e-mail, which you can attach to your residence permit application. We encourage you to submit your residence permit application documents as soon as possible.

The due date for the second academic year’s tuition fee payment is the 31st of May.

If you have any questions about the tuition fee payment, please get in touch with

What does the tuition fee Include?

The tuition includes the compulsory Student Union (HYY) membership fee, which provides substantial benefits, services, advocacy work, and events throughout the year. HYY Members are provided with free or highly affordable general, mental and oral health care services by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). The members are also entitled to a significant student meal discount in Unicafe student restaurants and reductions in the public transport of the metropolitan area and long-distance traffic. In addition, the university sports services Unisport offers a full range of sports and wellbeing services for students at low prices.

As a student at the University of Helsinki, you have access to excellent Student Services. Do not hesitate to contact the services – they are all here for you! The  Career Services offer services for the University’s degree students, recent graduates and Alumni members. The Career Services offer advice and information on job hunting, career planning, internships in Finland and abroad etc.

At the University of Helsinki, you have access to the newest learning facilities, the innovative and service-designed learning centre and the student library. As a student, you are introduced to the latest research from the very beginning of your studies, as all teachers at the University of Helsinki also do research. The research environment is international and multidisciplinary. Comprehensive ICT services will also be at your disposal to support your studies.

Scholarships programme

Scholarships are intended for excellent students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who want to complete a Master’s programme at the University of Helsinki.

We are among the top 1% of the world’s research universities because the University of Helsinki is often ranked among the top 100 best universities.

Find the Master’s programmes through the Master’s programmes page.

Scholarships for application round 2021-23:

Each degree programme may award scholarships covering 50% or 100 % of the tuition fee.

Tuition fees range from 13 000 to 18 000 euros.

The duration of the scholarship is two years. For all scholarships, students are required to study full-time (earn at least 55 ECTS per year) to fulfil the requirements of the scholarship. After the first study year, the progress of your studies will be checked and, depending on your progress; the scholarship will be continued.

As part of the national Finland Scholarship programme University of Helsinki awards Finland Scholarships, you may apply for this scholarship when applying for our international master’s degree programmes.

Finland scholarships cover a 100% tuition fee and a 5000 € relocation grant. The scholarship and the 5000 EUR will be renewed for the second year of your studies in case you complete at least 55 credits during your first study year. The University of Helsinki may award up to one Finland scholarship for a newly admitted student in each master’s degree programme.

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Who is Eligible for Scholarships

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • You are eligible for the Master’s programme at the University of Helsinki.
  • You are liable for tuition fees: Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries who do not have permanent residence status in the EU/EEA area are liable for tuition fees. You can check the Studyinfo website FAQ as to whether website as to whether or not you are required to pay tuition fees.
  • You meet Finland’s requirements for obtaining an entry visa and residence permit.
  • You have obtained excellent results in your previous studies and can prove this in your application.

Application process

How to apply for a scholarships

  1. Find the Master’s programme you want to apply to through the Master’s programmes page
  2. See the instructions on how to apply to the Master’s programme and prepare the necessary attachments.
  3. Apply for a scholarship with the same application form used for the Master’s programme.
  4. Submit all the required attachments.

Selection process

The scholarships for new students will be awarded based on overall academic assessment: Previous academic performance and possible letters of motivation, in addition to which the grounds presented by applicants in their grant applications will be considered. Also, University’s and programmes’ strategic goals can be considered.

You may not apply for a scholarship from a specific category, but you can give this as additional information as part of your scholarship application.

  1. The Master’s programme conducts an academic assessment of your degree and scholarship applications.
  2. The Master’s programme chooses the scholarship recipients of 50% and 100% waivers.
  3. Centralized Scholarship Committee makes the final decision on the Finland Scholarship recipients based on the programme’s proposals.

If you have applied for a scholarship, you will receive a result about your scholarship status in your official acceptance e-mail.

Please note that the scholarship programme is highly competitive, and only a limited number of Scholarships can be offered.

Benefits for Scholarship Recipients

Finland Scholarship and 100 % waivers include:

Other Scholarships

The University of Helsinki offers other scholarships for its degree students.

The  Fulbright Center has a  Fulbright-University of Helsinki Graduate Award for a US student admitted to one of the Master’s programmes at the University of Helsinki.

COLFUTURO offers loan scholarships to Colombian students admitted to study at the University of Helsinki.


SALLIE MAE GRADUATE AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS LOAN: Sallie Mae Bank offers private loans for US Students. For details on applying for the loan, please visit: