The Application Process and Guide to Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Finland

The Application Process and Guide

The application process and guide to bachelor’s and master’s Degrees in Finland. All programmes in Finland can be found on the Studyinfo portal (, where you can search for suitable programmes and start the application. The online application is only open during the application period, so make sure you know when the application period starts. Once you have found a programme, you find out the admissions requirements. Please note that each application must have its own set of requested application documents.

Require Documents

All the documents required enclosures must be sent to University Admissions Finland for processing. Please note that each application must have its own set of requested application documents. This means that you must submit as many sets of officially certified educational copies as there are programmes you are applying to, e.g., if you are applying to three programmes, you must submit three sets of requested application documents.

  1. Proof of language skills

For example, a language test depends on your chosen option. All language test results must reach University Admissions Finland by the given deadline. Verifying your language skills as required by the programme is crucial to your admissions process. Language requirements can vary between universities and master’s programmes, even inside one university. You need to find out the programme-specific language requirements from the website of the programme you are interested in.

Suppose you are applying to more than one programme and are verifying your language skills with a language test. In that case, University Admissions Finland must receive the test result only once. All language test results must be verifiable by the test organiser. However, if you can verify your language skills with your degree (see chapter Education in English), you must send as many transcripts of records as there are programmes you are applying to.

  1. Documents related to educational background

Documents indicating your eligibility to apply, e.g., an officially certified copy of a bachelor’s degree certificate and a transcript of records. Please note that the degree you are applying for should entitle you to apply to master’s degree studies in the country where the degree has been awarded.

Suppose you have not been required to pay the application fee and are using a different degree as the basis for eligibility. In that case, you are required to submit educational documents regarding both degrees as follows:

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1. Secondary School or College Certificates

2. Degree certificate

3. Transcript of records

All educational documents must be officially certified (attested) by the Notary Public or the awarding institution. Please check the university’s websites for other requirements as requested by the university. For example, some universities required references from students while some did not.

Applicants whose degrees have been awarded in certain countries must pay special attention to the documentation before submitting it. In addition to the standard document requirements, educational documents from certain countries must be presented in a certain way.

These country-specific requirements must be followed first and foremost before any standard conditions for attesting documents. Please check if your degree awarding country is listed and follow the instructions. University Admissions Finland makes no exceptions to these requirements.

  1. Submission of the Document

Please mail all your documents to the University Admissions Finland office. Your application documents must arrive by the given deadline. E-mail attachments will not be accepted. UAF does not process application documents that have come after the deadline.

Please remember to write the UAF application number on the documents when sending in application enclosures. If application documents are mailed in by a third party, e.g., your university officials, we will attach them to your application according to the personal details on those documents.

If you are applying to more than one programme, you must submit separate documents for each programme. The only exceptions to this rule are language test documents and electronic transcripts. For more information on these, please see Language Skills and Electronic Transcripts.